Finding the perfect time to match funds with opportunity.

Taken together, our founders have over 60 years of relevant work experience. This has allowed them to develop a unique and diverse network consisting of reputable accountants, architects, investment companies, private equity, and family offices. Our network provides us with substantial deal flow and allows us to be opportunistic, but always realistic. Consequently, our team can capitalize on attractive investment ideas at any time.

Extensive research driven investment decisions.

Comprehensive research stands at the core of our investment commitments. Our internal industry specialists and outside partners are proficient in analyzing and evaluating debt and equity markets. Therefore, we are able to create a very accurate interpretation of chances for investment, that eventually bring about alluring and risk-adjusted earnings.


The strength of JGM Capital lies in the ability to convey a clear and inspiring vision to its partners and clients. The founder’s proficiency in taking them on a visual journey, combined with detailed story-telling, has remained unmatched. Therefore, ideas already become tangible in an early stage. In this way, JGM can maximize every opportunity.

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